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Modifications Are Not Easy!

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Modification does not equal easy! Crossfit is made up of technical moves that require time to develop the strength to complete safely and correctly. There is a progression to develop these skills. How often do you see a person attempting kipping pullups before mastering a strict pullup, attempting a handstand pushup against the wall before mastering it on the box or using multiple bands for pull-ups when they could get more out of ring rows?
Although we hear it a million times, somehow our ego takes over and we pile more weight on that barbell for a movement that we aren’t quite ready for. We are ALL guilty of this at some point in time. It all stems from seeing modifications as “you aren’t good enough to do this move” or seeing those praised that go RX regardless of how their form looks.
As coaches we can honestly say our favorite coaching moments are when a client takes a step back and has that aha moment! We think you will be surprised by how much you will progress when you scale appropriately.

How do you know you have modified correctly?

1. Speak up! Ask a Coach to help you scale the movement. They can help you evaluate your form and whether you can maintain it under fatigue. Along with that is be coachable. Remember At first you don’t succeed try doing what your coach told you do in the first place. 😉
2. Don’t mix and match levels (3,2,1). Scale to your weakest movement.
3. Give yourself a reality check. Workouts are designed to be done in a certain time frame. If you are going over time caps you have not modified correctly in turn are not getting the most out of your workout.