We all know that personal training is the fastest way to your goals, but it’s not always the most sustainable solution for the coach and the client.

We also know that you love the camaraderie of a group workout.

That’s why we are combining the two and calling it “Hybrid” (quickly becoming our most popular class).

The first half of class is designed specifically for you. You are getting what YOU need to achieve YOUR goals. This is done through the one-on-one assessment with a coach and this is reviewed every month to ensure the progress you need on your fitness journey.

The second half? The group workout you enjoy, with a coach that’s making sure everything you are doing is safe and effective for you.

Not just the coach that’s coaching you, a coach that has modified the workout AHEAD of time to make sure it’s exactly what YOU need.

If you show up to our gym, you will get the results you want. We can ensure that with this process.

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