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Developing healthy movement patterns doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey on which you’ll learn how to move properly and build a stable platform to reach your fitness goals. Better fitness doesn’t just mean strength – it also means healthy function and longevity! Here’s how we’ll get there.

Everyone Starts with a 1-on-1 Intro Session

1-on-1 Intro Session
This assessment will help us make the best recommendations for your fitness goals. We’ll assess each subsystem, joint by joint, to determine your mobility and function. Your personalized training plan will be based on these findings.

Personal Training
The results of this assessment will help us determine how individual subsystems may be compensating for learned movement patterns and causing pain. Through 1-on-1 training sessions, we’ll develop corrective strategies to address mobility and build muscles around your joints. These sessions usually occur weekly. We’ll provide guidance and video instructions so that you can practice these movement strategies at home, every day, between sessions.

This phase of your journey toward better fitness can take anywhere from one to six weeks, depending on your individual needs.

Hybrid Classes
Now you can apply what you’ve learned in our small group personal training classes. Here, you will work towards achieving your fitness goals through individually-tailored strength training with the continued support of your personal trainer in a fun fitness community.

We’ll also continue to meet 1:1 each month to ensure you’re maintaining healthy movement patterns and adjust your training plan as needed to help you meet your evolving fitness and athletic goals!

CrossFit Classes
From this stable fitness platform, you might find you are able to achieve exercises you never thought possible. You may choose to stay in our hybrid small group classes or join our traditional CrossFit classes. Whatever your goals, we can help you get there.

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