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Top-Rated Fitness Programs In Huntingdon Valley

Personal Training

During these personal training sessions, whether you are brand new to working out or have been doing this for 10 years, we are going to assess you joint by joint looking for limitations in ranges of motion. Our personal trainers will teach you specific movements and how we recommend you modify them based on YOUR ranges of motion. We will also educate you about breathing and bracing, about rate of perceived exertion so you can understand the intent of workouts.


The first half of class is designed specifically for you. You are getting what YOU need to achieve YOUR goals. The second half is the group workout you enjoy, with a coach that’s making sure everything you are doing is safe and effective for you.


In these classes, participants will be executing a wide variety of movements with a large focus on proper mechanics. Movement efficiency is the main objective for everyone. Our Huntingdon Valley CrossFit program is perfect for individuals looking for general physical preparedness and to improve quality of life.

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